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Wikia Fandom Site Launched

A Wikia Fan site has been launched by fans of Fitz Faraday!

Wikia Fandom Site Launched

A Wikia Fandom Site has been launched celebrating The Marvelous Paracosm of Fitz Faraday and the Shapers of the Id. "Wikia communities consist of online encyclopedias, each one specialized in a particular subject or theme. Although Wikia allows almost anything to be the main focus of a wiki, the most common interest of Wikia internauts is in popular fiction franchises of books, films, games and other media, due to the considerable limitation of such detailed information by Wikipedia's notability policies."

The site was created in response to an attempt to establish a Wikipedia article which is being contested for notability issues. Wikia has less stringent rules on notability, and in this case, The Marvelous Paracosm of Fitz Faraday and the Shapers of the Id has been verified and substantiated by the four references posted here:


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Content is being continually added to the site. In line with Wikia's mission, " The main purpose of articles in a Wikia community is to cover information and discussion on a particular topic in a much greater and more comprehensive detail level than can be found on Wikipedia articles."

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