CPRTV Interview by Jovie Calma

A Conversation with Aaron J. Lawler, by Jovie Calma

What a great interview with Jovie Calma from CPRTV Chicago Channel 25 and VIA Times. A big thank you to Jovie for taking the time to interview me and ask some intriguing questions about my process and my novel!

Interview by Wassup! Jovie Calma, Chicago Cable Channel 25
Wassup! Josie Calma (CPRTV Channel and VIA Times) interviews author and educator Aaron J. Lawler on his debut novel, The Marvelous Paracosm of Fitz Faraday. Interview airs Sunday Jan 8 3pm - 4pm on Chicago Cable Channel 25 (Comcast, RCN, WOW). Column in VIA Times to follow.

What a wonderful and genuine conversation! Jovie was so easy to discuss ideas with and she is really quite a wonderful person! Check out her social media and follow her!

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