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There are a number of factors here:

  1. # of words
  2. preliminary work including outling and research
  3. hours free to devote to writing
  4. coping with writers block or “"writing yourself into a corner”
  5. familiarity with plot structure, tropes, character development, theme building, world building etc
  6. word/vocabulary dexterity

All of this is contingent on audience. For instance when I published my first research article the process took about 3 months - writing, editing, submission, peer review, re-editing and publishing.

However, I had a good deal of experience in the field, the topic spanned only twenty pages, and the audience was for academics reducing the kind of metaphor and description common in fiction.

When I wrote my novel, The Marvelous Paracosm of Fitz Faraday and the Shapers of the Id eBook: Aaron Lawler: Kindle Store , this took about one year. Developing an outline, world building, background research, and writing on weekends only, meant writing all 90,000 words took a great deal of tone - even for an experienced writer.

There are a number of avenues here. My suggestion would be post your article in three places:

LinkedIn - first as an article (include hyperlinks and media clips in the body of the artcle, think Wikipedia with links to sources and what not) and then share as an update

Upload the article to Scribd or a similar aggregator

Create a brief web page (Wix or Strikingly are sharp, easy to use, and quick)

Then use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and link back to the three sources above. Integrating the article into the professional places above with the social presence below is an easy way to build readership. The more readers the better. You never know who is connected to whom, and how that can create buzz around your article.

Then continue to monitor these places and add coments/feedback. Be proactive and active as well as reactive. If there are comments or questions, respond to them all. If there are none, reach out. Ask questions. Follow up with additional research, ideas, conclusions etc.

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