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Author interview by Kerry Parsons

Chat About Books interview

Q&A with author Aaron Lawler @WriterAJL by Kerry Parsons

What a great interview with Kerry Parsons from "Chat About Books". A big thank you to Kerry for taking the time to interview me and ask some intriguing questions about my process and my novel!

Can you share your writing process with us, in a nutshell?

I am a classically trained painter, and one point in my life thought I would become a professional illustrator. Trying my hand at the trade, I found myself stifled. With endless parallel and extradimensional planetary worlds orbiting about in my imagination, I always thought the vehicle to sharing these would be through illustration. But I found that I much prefer the written word when it comes to world-building and character crafting. Painting slows my process down too much. My mind wants to invent, sprout up new places and sights and sounds with ludicrous speed. And the brush, the canvas, the whole process limits me too much... continued here

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