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Author interview by Helen Clare

Helen's Batty About Books Interview

A Conversation with Aaron J. Lawler, by Helen Clare

What a great interview with Helen Clare from Batty About Books. A big thank you to Jessica for taking the time to interview me and ask some intriguing questions about my process and my novel!

Where do you do your writing? And where would your ideal location be?

I write all over. I do a great deal of my writing on my iPad or Laptop. There are two apps I use: The Writer’s App by Thomas Sillmann and Daedalus Touch by The Soulmen GbR. The first one is an organizer, which helps you map out plots and keep character bios. The second is a minimalist text editor. I love typing on Daedalus because you can create pages and each page counts words/characters, as well as lets you rearrange them. So I basically create a chapter on a page, and if I need to move things around its as easy as touch.


The reason I use these two apps is because you never know when inspiration will strike. I have found myself pulled over at gas stations, in doctor’s offices, or at my college’s cafeteria (I am a professor at Waubonsee Community College) and wanting to write. Mainly I write scenes and my novels are very much like a play, chocked full of dialogue, action and setting. So it’s very natural for me to write wherever I am at. My favourite place to write, though, is in my bed before I go to sleep. With the end table light on, and the quiet sounds of the house, I find myself always at peace and able to string together the best scenes... continued here

What a wonderful and genuine conversation! Helen was so easy to discuss ideas with and she is really quite a wonderful person! Check out her blog and follow her!

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